How to solve the astigmatism problem of the image measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-02

How to solve the astigmatism problem of the image measuring instrument? The birth of the measuring instrument saves a lot of manpower and time. Therefore, it can avoid monotonous operation and heavy work, such as tired visual alignment, frequent point selection, repeated positioning and function switching, etc., so that work efficiency can be increased by hundreds of times. When using a fully automatic image measuring instrument , Pay attention to the maintenance of surface parts: When loading and unloading workpieces, the measuring platform should pay special attention to the glass platform. Sometimes a layer of water vapor and oil mist is formed on the measuring platform. Clean the dirt immediately and cover the shell when not in use. If the case is contaminated, please use a soft cloth to wipe the hard cloth, which may scratch the body. Although the pollution of the fuselage will not directly affect the measurement accuracy of the measuring instrument, the pollution may spread to the linear slide or the platform, which will affect the measurement accuracy of other parts. The problem of imaging astigmatism has always been one of the factors affecting the measurement accuracy of image measuring instruments. Many manufacturers and Ru0026D teams that manufacture image measuring instruments have been looking for ways to solve this problem, but there are too many factors that constitute these problems. We can only ensure the accuracy of image measuring instruments after checking and improving step by step. How to deal with it? In actual operation, after turning on and turning off the power, if the image is not concentrated on the large screen and the resolution is low, we call it the astigmatism problem of the image measuring instrument. At this point, no matter how you update the objective lens or change the measurement angle, the same screen will be displayed on the big screen. At the beginning of this situation, many people did not understand it and believed that it was caused by the dust on the lens. As a result, rubbing with their hands, the effect was counterproductive and the picture became more unclear. After determining the astigmatism of the image, it must be turned off Power is used to disassemble the body of the image measuring instrument, and then replace the lamp and install it on the lamp holder. This may be caused by the non-condensation of the light source. After replacement, turn on the power to check whether the problem has been solved. If the problem is still the same, you need to find other reasons to solve the problem. You can also check whether the glass mirror under the lamp holder is unevenly distributed. The non-uniformity is the cause of the astigmatism of the image measuring instrument, and it only needs to be replaced with a new glass mirror.

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