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Sinowon automatic micro vicker hardness tester from China for small areas

Sinowon automatic micro vicker hardness tester from China for small areas

Sinowon automatic micro vicker hardness tester from China for small areas

AutoVicky ZVK-1050AF
12 month
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ASTM E-92, ISO 6507, GB/T4340
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Application Scope
Sinowon's vision measuring machine has wide application. Here are a few examples for you.Sinowon has been engaged in the production of vision measuring machine for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers.
Company Advantages
1. The production of Sinowon micro vicker hardness tester is strictly performed and supervised.
2. micro vicker hardness tester , with features like microindentation hardness testing, is kind of ideal hardness tester machine price .
3. Wearing this garment can create a better impression of the wearer in other people. Unlike ordinary men’s clothes, it can help one create an impact on others.

Sinowon automatic micro vicker hardness tester from China for small areas-1

Sinowon AutoVicky ZHV-1050AF uses one controller and one PC to control two Hardness testers, one is AutoVicky ZVK-1000F Automatic micro Vickers and Knoop hardness tester with autofocus-system, another is AutoVicky ZHV-50A Automatic Macro Vickers hardness tester Both two-unit have equips with the motorized X-Y auto-stage, it has auto-measurement about the indentation of Vickers and Knoop, and it can make measurement of case depth automatically, it eliminates human operation error, largely improves working efficiency, makes hardness testing measurement more accurate and uncomplicated.

Product Characteristics 

◆ Auto-stage, Auto-focus, Auto-measurement and Vickers hardness testing system;

◆ Loading-force: Precise dead weights ensures the loading force system reliably and precisely;

◆ Optical-path: 160mm High-resolution optical microscopy path makes image of indention sharply and excellent; 

◆ Auto-Turret: the switch position of HV indenters and 10x/20X/40x objectives is repeatable and accurately; 

◆ Auto-stage: it is driven by precise step motor with large travel size 100x100mm and heavy load ability ;

◆ Auto-Focus: Apply high resolution optic system and auto focus technology, 3A software can realize auto focus and auto hardness evaluation if the indention size is larger than 8um ; It is autofocus about MicroVickers and Knoop, manual-focus for Macro Vickers. 

◆ Auto-Measurement: automatic hardness testing and measurement software:3A can control hardness tester and data communication, includes the switch of 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x objectives and Vickers indenter, auto loading, dwell and unlo  ading, single or multiple indentation, set step distance, movement mode, auto record indentation dialog line and hardness value, auto generate CHD depth and hardness curve, error statistics, test times group statistics, generate Excel and Word format report.   

Product Application 

Vickers method is based on an optical measurement system, it specifies a range of light loads using a diamond indenter to make an indentation which is measured and converted to a hardness value. It is very useful for testing on a wide type of materials, but test samples must be polished to enable measuring the size of the impressions. A square base pyramid shaped diamond is used for testing in the Vickers scale. Typically MicroVickers loads are very light, ranging from 10gm to 1kgf, MacroVickers loads can range up to 50Kgf.

Micro Vickers hardness methods are used to test on metals, ceramics, and composites - almost any type of material. Since the test indentation is very small in a Vickers test, it is useful for a variety of applications: testing very thin materials like foils or measuring the surface of a part, small parts or small areas, measuring individual microstructures, or measuring the depth of case hardening by sectioning a part and making a series of indentations to describe a profile of the change in hardness. 



Automatic   Micro&Macro Vickers and Knoop Hardness Tester


AutoVicky   ZVK-1050AF




MicroVickers/Knoop:   Twin Auto-focus/Manual-focus;

MarcoVickers:   Manual-focus



Micro Load


10 / 25 / 50 / 100   / 200 / 300 / 500 / 1000


98.07/ 245.2/   490.3/ 980.7/ 1961/ 2942/ 4903/ 9807

Macro Load


1 /2/ 3 / 5 / 10 /   20 / 30/50


9.807 / 19.614 /   29.421 / 49.035 / 98.07 / 196.14 / 294.21 / 490.35


Automatic loading,   dwell and unloading

Dwell Time

5 ~ 99 s can be   adjustable

Turret System


Dual Optical

Microscopy System

High-resolution   Optical Microscopy Path

10x digital   measuring eyepiece

10x, 40xobjective   for MicroVickers/Knoop measurement

10x, 20xobjective   for MarcoVickers measurement

0.5x C-mount with   camera for dual vision measurement


Optical   observation magnification : 100x ( 10x Objective and 10x Eyepiece )

Optical   measurement magnification :100x, 200x, 400x

( 10x, 20x, 40x   Objective and 10x Eyepiece )

Digital   observation magnification: 350x

Digital   measurement magnification:350x, 700x, 1400x

Light Source

LED parallel   Illuminator

Digital Image   System

0.5x C-adapter and   1.3Mpixel CMOS camera

Max. Specimen   Height


Max. Specimen   Depth


Hardness Scale

Switch between HV   and HK





200 × 180 mm

X-Y Travel

100 × 100 mm


Step motor



Driving Controller  


Hardness Testing   Software

3A: Auto-stage;   Auto-focus; Auto-measurement

PC system

DELL   OptiPlex3046MT

LCD monitor

21.5” Dell LCD   Monitor

Executive Standard  

ASTM E-92, ISO   6507, GB/T4340

Net. Weight


Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz or   110V/60 Hz

Company Features
1. Since its creation, Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. has been trying to constantly increase and diversify its activities and to be a reliable manufacturer in the field of micro vicker hardness tester production.
2. Over the years, Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. has always adhered to the road of independent research and development.
3. The implementation of microindentation hardness testing will improve the competitiveness of Sinowon. Ask! Our clean and big factory keep the production of microhardness test in a good environment. Ask! Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. assures problems of customers are problems of ours and we will surely help. Ask!
Sinowon microindentation hardness testing features material superiority. The materials is of environmental protection and is harmless to the environment. The selection is strictly in accordance with the highest packaging standards. With advanced encapsulation technology, its LED chip is resistant to impacts
The design of Sinowon microhardness test innovative. It is implemented by a team of designers who adopted their unique concepts of color, font, and appearance. Its temperature-controlled compensation system handles the distribution between heat and power
The design of Sinowon microindentation hardness testing takes a lot of effort. The design team devoted a lot of time to market research in the packaging and printing industries. At the same time. Its light accommodates the natural viewing habits of the human eye
Sinowon hardness tester machine price has a good design. It is made by our professional designers using the finest materials and finishes. There is no flash frequency caused during its operation
The quality of Sinowon micro vicker hardness tester is ensured. Being made after a strict selection of materials, its quality stands up to international packaging standards. Its light accommodates the natural viewing habits of the human eye
hardness tester machine price is highly prized for its high performance and such qualities as micro vicker hardness tester. The product can achieve full brightness instantly
micro vicker hardness tester has a good commercial prospect for its microindentation hardness testing and low-cost. Featuring low power consumption, the product will not take up to much energy from the vehicle
microhardness test is worth popularizing with the characteristics of microindentation hardness testing. It can quickly light up without any delay
Properties like hardness tester machine price of hardness tester machine price help customers highly minimize their costs of operation and maintenance. The improved illumination of this product allows drivers to enjoy a relaxed driving style
micro vicker hardness tester can better meet the requirements of costumers with its micro vicker hardness tester features. The product is impervious to shock and vibration
micro vicker hardness tester is designed according to the factual demand. Its prominent merit is that it has micro vicker hardness tester. The product is equipped with an internal cooling fan that lessens the heat
This product may be the first time a customer sees a company/brand. It connects customers with the company/brand and impresses them. The product is rated to IP68 waterproof level
This product offers an endless number of opportunities and brands can hope to come up with very personalized pieces that directly communicate with individual customers. Its temperature-controlled compensation system handles the distribution between heat and power
Anyone who sees this product automatically gets interested in what it contains. In this way, it conveniently markets the merchandise without one having to spend extra on marketing. Its light accommodates the natural viewing habits of the human eye
It helps to get a larger market for merchandise. The use of it is one easy way of putting a brand and company in front of millions of customers. Its light is close to daylight, which helps reduce eye strain and fatigue during night time
It effectively reinforces the brand image. Being customizable, it is mainly about reputation and influences the way consumers perceive a brand. Its temperature-controlled compensation system handles the distribution between heat and power
When use this product, it is more convenient to sell a commodity as there is no need to spend extra costs on marketing. The product is rated to IP68 waterproof level
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