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Sinowon certificated digital measuring device supplier for nonferrous metals

Sinowon certificated digital measuring device supplier for nonferrous metals

Sinowon certificated digital measuring device supplier for nonferrous metals

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Product Feature

5.6〃Color Screen and Sealed silicone touch button,with full information, friendly operation, long using life;

Save 100 permanent image elements, can set and save current date;

Multi-function Measurement: Point, line, circle,angle, distance, rectangular, screw thread, ellipse, slot, rounding, preset,construction, and so on;

Obverse or Opposite direction counting function,1/2 value, midpoint, permission function, Call function, REC(record)function,and Cycle measurement;

Section and linear compensation are available for 3-axis, highly ensure measurement accuracy:

Can connect foot switch,printer, optical edge detection and other multiple auxiliary measurement tools;

With polar and coordinate system, and can display millimeter and inch, and can shift easily;

With independent password permission function, to prevent the posibility of data deviation by wrong operation, it can also change the original setting by password permission;

Support multiple language:Chinese, English and other language;

Technical Specification

LanguageSimple Chinese, Complicated Chinese, Portuguese, German and English, etc.
LCD Screen Size115mm×85mm
LCD Screen Resolution640*480
Digital Display Range8Digits(With Decimal Point)
Display Axis3-axis (X,Y,Z/Q)
Z/Q Display ModelLength or Angle
Angle Display ModelDegree, Minutes and Second or Degree
Linear Scale SignalTTL square-wave or AC sine wave of two 90 ° phase angle difference, drive capacity larger than 10MA
Linear Scale Resolution0.1um,0.2um,0.5um, 1um,2um,5um
Baud Rate4800,9600,14400,19200,38400,57600
Data Output PortRS232,DB-9 Parent interface
Operation KeyboardSealed Silicone touch-type keyboard
Expansion portFoot Switch, Printer, Optical Edge Finder, etc
Input Power SupplyAC90V-240V,15W
Operation EnvironmentWorking Temperature: 0 ℃~40 ℃;Storage Temperature:-10 ℃~60℃;Relative Humidity:<90%RH

Product Details

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The test of Sinowon digital readout systems includes several aspects. Such things as working blanks, components and raw materials will all be seriously measured. It will not break down with regular use
Sinowon digital measuring device has been evaluated in many aspects. They include electrical safety, sanitation, EMC, energy efficiency, electrical shock&leakage, and more. It helps the engine resist cracks and pinholes
The production standards of Sinowon digital readout systems ensure that no harmful or toxic chemicals are used throughout the process of making the fiber into a fabric. Its design will help simplify mounting operations
The workmanship of Sinowon digital measuring device is of high quality. The product has passed quality inspection and testing in terms of joint connecting quality, crevice, fastness, and flatness that are required to meet a high level in upholstery items. It works very well with both new and old models
The design of Sinowon digital measuring device follows a unified principle, that is, all the basic elements of the design are harmonious and show a sense of unity. Manufactured by the ISO9001 and TS16949 certified factory, its quality is guaranteed
There are complete product specifications for digital readout systems to meet the needs of different users. It does a fantastic job of maintaining the strength and health of the vehicle
With its excellent quality, this product greatly reduces the possibility of return and exchange. It has been sold to South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc
The product has undergone rigorous testing during the trial production phase. It is well-protected against abrasion and corrosion
With digital measuring device features and key characteristics, digital readout systems can well suit customer's application requirements. It protects the engine from corrosion, abrasion, and excessive heat
The quality of the product meets the requirements of domestic and international standards. It can be designed with rubber boo
We take steps to improve the quality of the product as much as possible. It effectively helps in the functioning of the combustion chamber
The application of this product is marrying the buildings to “sustainability”. One won’t be using up new resources when they purchase this product. It comes with high-quality coated windings
The product meets the sustainable development requirements. It can help users reduce carbon footprint and save them on electricity bills. It can be used on go-kart crutches, caps, ATV axles, and electric winches
This product will definitely generate a higher sale. It will aid a company to develop a professional image of their merchandise and boost sales. It has a compact design for taking advantage of restricted space
This product offers easier differentiation and recognition of the goods. Thus it is worth investing in, making the brand stand out from the competition. It is engineered to original equipment specifications
The product allows for increased production and profit margin. Because it makes fewer mistakes than humans, saving companies' time. It can be designed to fit in various Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars
With high operational accuracy, the product is not likely to occur errors, which eventually beneficial to reduce production costs. Its design will help simplify mounting operations
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