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ST-1169 High Precision Computer Servo Type Tensile & Compression Testing Machine

ST-1169 High Precision Computer Servo Type Tensile & Compression Testing Machine

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ST-1169 high-precision computer servo pull pressure testing machine can test the physical properties of various materials and finished products, semi-finished products, standard with professional pneumatic clamps, can choose a variety of different clamps for tensile, compression, tensile, bending, tear, peeling, adhesion, shear and other tests. GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS and other national or international standards can be tested, for the ideal testing and research equipment for various factory enterprises, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities.

Suitable for aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metal materials and products, wire and cable, rubber plastic, paper and color printing packaging, adhesive tape, handbags, textile fiber, food, pharmaceutical and other industries of fine research purposes.

Product Characteristic 


The structure of the machine adopts German grinding level gapless ball screw and grinding and high precision guide rail, which improves the load efficiency and structural rigidity. Using daily and German full digital AC servo system, to ensure high transmission efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, speed accuracy can be controlled within ± 0.1%.


Imported high-precision sensor, with an effective measurement range of 0.3%~100%F. S, the comprehensive accuracy is better than 0.3 levels.


The fixture connection is standardized to quickly replace various test applicable fixtures. Special pneumatic fixture, high-grade instruments are necessary.

uHigh Smart

Professional software intelligent control interface, automatically complete parameter setting, working state control, data acquisition and processing analysis, result display and printing output; mouse click one-click control, one-click output test report, without tedious education and training.

uGorgeous Apperance

Precision casting, combined with the elaborate spare parts processing technology, presents the exquisite atmospheric European design style of the whole machine.

Software Specifications 

uUsing windows working platform, parameter set all point selection, simple operation;

uSingle screen operation, no need for screen switching

uThe software interface has simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English more than 30 languages, easy to switch;

uQuick and self-service regulated test form mode;

uThe test data can be directly displayed in the main screen, and the

uhistorical data can be imported in real time for automatic comparison;

uWith a variety of measurement units, the male British system can be switched, can also edit the unit system;

uData comparison of multiple curves can be performed simultaneously;

uWith the automatic return function;

uWith the automatic correction function;

uWith the custom-defined test method function;

uWith the automatic operation and analysis function of test data, it can customize the operation formula according to the need;

uWith the function of automatic magnification, in order to achieve the most appropriate size of the figure;

uCan do tensile, compression, bending, stripping, pull, pressure, fatigue and other tests;

uEquipped with an extension meter, it can accurately measure large deformation, small deformation, etc.




Capacity selection

5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000,2000kg either option (US Interface)

TT&C software

Independently developed the professional testing software under the Windows platform

Input end

4 groups of input; 2 points extension 1 group of input; power input; network connection input

Accuracy of measuring force

Better than ± 0.5% (GB-0.5)

Detective resolution


Test speed range

0.01~2000mm / min, can be set

Displacement resolution


Test maximum trip

1000mm without a fixture

Effective test space

Left and right, 420mm

Unit switch

Multiple units of measurement, including international units

Downtime method

Upper and down, mechanical limit safety setting, emergency stop key, program strength and elongation setting, specimen damage sensing

Standard layout

1 payment of standard pneumatic fixture, 1 set of software and data cable, 1 power line of equipment, 1 operation manual, 1 product certificate, 1 product warranty card

Choose and buy configuration

1 printer and various test fixtures

Unit size / weight

About 710 4201600 (WDH) / approximately 140kg

Motive power

AC servo motor

Control method

Computer measurement and control system

Load measurement accuracy

The ± 0.5% of the presented value meets or exceeds the following international standards:

ASTM E-4, BS 1610, DIN 51221, ISO 7500 / 1, EN10002-2, JIS B7721, JIS B7733, et al

Speed accuracy

For ± 0.1% of the set speed

Environmental requirements

 Use environment: + 10~30℃ Storage environment: -40~70℃ Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH.

The self-developed professional test software conforms to GB228-87, GB228-2002

and other more than 30 national standards.

At the same time GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and users provide a variety of standards for testing and data processing, and has good scalability.



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