The Importance of Selecting Measurement Features of METUS Software of Image Measuring Instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-12

When using an image measuring instrument, elements such as points, lines, circles, and arcs are called elements. Features are divided into two-dimensional features and three-dimensional features. Two-dimensional features refer to planar features that can be measured through images, such as points, lines, and circles. Three-dimensional features refer to curved surfaces, spheres, cylinders, cones, etc. Three-dimensional features are usually measured with probes. There is a special plane that can be used for image measurement or detection. The way to use the image is to use the focal point and select more than three points on the plane to construct the plane. Use the probe to directly select the plane. The measurement element is a very important step in the image measurement process. Only when the function is selected correctly can the subsequent measurement results be accurate. In the operation of METUS software, the measurement elements are divided into six command sets. First, let's take a look at the point command set. There are 9 sub-command sets in the point command set, which are used to select different point elements. In this case, which scoring method to use, let us look at the commonly used 7 A subcommand set. 1. Manual point: used when the boundary of the measured part is blurred and it is difficult to automatically select the point; 2. Positioning point: when the measured height difference of the measured part is large, reaching point B directly from point A may cause contact with the lens Or the collision of the probe. This is to raise the lens to the position of point B and add the Point position, then measure the point B, click the left button to create. 3. Coordinate points: mainly used for squares, that is, the coordinate system is squared at a point and a square is created. The element of element 1 is point 1, and the element of element 2 is empty to create a square; 4. Average point: Calculate the average value of X and Y of all points captured in the capture frame as the X and Y coordinates of the average point; 5 , Extremum point: Take the large or small point of the arc, and automatically find the large value of the measured workpiece in the form of a rectangular frame, which is suitable for contour measurement; 6. Edge point: Automatically obtain the edge point 7. Focus point: Automatically obtain Focus point, move the box to the position where you need to get the focus, the machine will automatically adjust the Z axis to select the clear position in the box as the focus point here.

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