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2.5D AutoVision Automatic Video Measuring System

2.5D AutoVision Automatic Video Measuring System

AutoVision 432/542/652/862
Delivery Time
GBT 24762-2009
Gost CE

2.5D AutoVision is a Gantry Fully Auto Vision Measuring Machine, it is designed for high accuracy and large dimension measurement. Equipped with movable bridge structure, the workpiece is fixed, which can ensure measurement accuracy and stability. It is widely used in electronic industry, medical devices, LCD, aerospace and other industries measurement.

Product Characteristics

 Moving Bridge type structure, measuring workpiece is fixed;

 Four-axis CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement;

 Marble base and pillar, good stability;

 Imported linear scale, resolution is 0.1um, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor etc. to ensure the precision and stability of the motion system;

 Imported HD color camera to meet the needs of clear observation and accurate measurement;

 6.5x high-resolution motorized zoom lens, accurate doubling and one times pixel correction only needed;

 With programmable surface 5-ring 8-division LED Cold Illumination and contour LED parallel illumination and built-in intelligent light adjustment, it can automatic control the brightness in the 8-division;

 Powerful function and easy operation iMeasuring 4.1 Measuring Software to enhance quality control;

 Optional MCP Probe and Laser Senser Module. Machines can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Specification

Product Name2.5D Automatic Vision Measuring Machine
X/Y-axis Travel(mm)400x300mm500x400mm600x500mm800x600mm
Z-axis Travel(mm)200mm
X/Y/Z 3-axis Linear Scale(mm)Imported Open Linear Scale, resolution:0.1um
Guidance ModeImported H grade Linear Guide,Double-Track Double Slider Guide
Operation ModeJoystick controller, Mouse operation, automatic detection program
Measurement AccuracyXY-axis:≤2+L/200(um)
Video System1/1.8" Color CCD Camera

6.5X Automatic Zoom Lens; Optical Magnification: 0.7X~4.5X, Video Magnification: 20X~129X(21.5”monitor)
Field of View(mm) Diagonal *  Horizontal*Vertical)Lens Magnification0.7x1x2.0x3.0x4x4.5x

IlluminationContourLED Parallel Contour Illumination

Surface5-ring 8-division 0~255 grade continue adjustable
Software SystemiMeasuring 4.1 Fully Auto Measuring Software
Load Capacity30Kg30Kg30Kg30Kg
Working EnvironmentTemperature 20℃±2℃,Humidity Range<2℃/hr,Humidity 30~80%,Vibration<0.002g,<15Hz
Packing Dimension1380x1170x1910mm1690x1300x2000mm1800x1400x2000mm2300x1700x2000mm

Product Details


Thanks for Taiwan Client F Purchasing Automatic Vison and Laser-Scan Vision Measuring Machine (AutoScan432)

In August of 2019, the toppest OEM enterprise from Taiwan: Client F, purchased 4 sets Automatic Vision and Laser-Scan Vision Measuring Machine (AutoScan432) from Sinowon group in their Shanxi/China factory. These machines were being used to measure the newest cellphone lens designed by Brand H.

After the two-month using, Client F is satisfied with not only the accuracy, precision, working efficiency and stable quality of AutoScan432, but also Sinowon’s professional and timely technical support.

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Thanks a lot for the cooperation


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