What are the commonly used materials suitable for friction and wear testing machines?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-03
What are the commonly used materials suitable for friction and wear testing machines?

The vertical friction and wear tester is a very comprehensive test equipment. Because of its many functions, it is often called a friction tester and abrasion tester. The tested products involve friction performance testing in a variety of industries. Here is a brief introduction to several common materials applicable to this machine.

1. Lubricant: mainly used to evaluate the friction and wear properties of lubricating oil and grease

2. Metal: generally used for wear resistance testing of special purpose materials such as bearings and guide rails

3. Plastics: suitable for measuring the sliding friction and abrasion properties of plastics and plastics and other composite materials. Measure the friction force and friction coefficient of the sample.

4. Rubber: used to test the wear resistance of rubber tires, braking performance and driving efficiency, and the wear resistance of seals

5. Ceramics: mainly for the friction performance testing of ceramic materials.

6. Coating: Test the wear resistance of various coating materials such as spray paint.

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