What are the steps for debugging the universal testing machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-22
What are the steps for debugging the universal testing machine?
When purchasing a universal testing machine, many customers choose from thousands of choices. Both the quality of the equipment and the measurement accuracy will be well understood, and the price of the equipment is also compared with many manufacturers. After purchase, the universal testing machine equipped with a microcomputer printer needs to be debugged before use. The accuracy of the test data is determined through the debugging, and each link of the universal testing machine is calibrated. After the debugging is completed, it can be carried out. Normal test. The debugging of the universal testing machine is mainly divided into the following six steps. Today, the editor of the testing machine will share with you the debugging process of the universal testing machine. (1) Pull the cold-formed support to both sides equidistantly, so that the moving beam does not touch when lifting; (2) Turn off the oil pump motor, unscrew the MS plug on the oil pump, and discharge the air in the pump (and A small amount of oil will flow out together), and after the air is drained, turn back the plug: start the oil pump and repeatedly lift the piston to drain the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe. (3) Check the oil pipe joints for oil leakage; (4) Install the spherical lower plate on the table, move the cross beam up and down to make the upper and lower plates about 20mm apart; (5) Start the oil pump, close the oil return valve and open the oil delivery valve to make the table As the plate rises, slowly increase the pressure; (6) If there is oil leakage, tighten the oil joint after releasing the force.

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