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Dynamic (static) Fatigue Testing Machine ST-1180

Dynamic (static) Fatigue Testing Machine ST-1180

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ST-1180 dynamic (static) fatigue testing machine is composed of a drive system, a transmission system, a computer control display system, etc. It is suitable for tensile and compress fatigue performance testing of various rubber products. With suitable auxiliary equipment, it can complete fatigue testing of products of different specifications.The machine is pollution-free, efficient, has a wide frequency range and testing space, high integration, simple structure, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, and simple operation.It is widely used in rubber manufacturers, parts, mining enterprises, scientific research institutions and other industries.

Software Specifications 

uUsing the windows work platform, all parameter settings are selected by clicking, making the operation simple;

uThe software interface has easy switching between simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English;

uQuick and self-service standardized testing form mode;

uWith the function of customizing test methods;

uIt has the function of automatic calculation and analysis of experimental data, and can customize the calculation formula according to needs;

u2D strain analysis of image surface;

uThe motion control software is equipped with stress, strain, and strain energy density testing methods;

uIntegrated force and travel sensors ensure precise machine control;

uUsers can filter the complete test raw data;

uTest automatic operation and analysis;

uAutomatic online video system for measuring the length of cracks;

uAutomatic crack detection and measurement;

uProvide sine wave, square wave, and triangular wave analysis graphs;

uDifferent frequency testing conditions available.




Capacity Selection


Measurement and control system

A special fatigue testing and control system based on windows system

Force-measuring accuracy

Better than ±1%

Force Resolution


Test Frequency

1, 2, 5, 10Hz can be set freely

Amplitude of vibration

1~10mm can be set freely

Journey Adjustment

100mm maximum

Test Item

Static tension, dynamic fatigue

Vibration Waveform

Sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, saw tooth wave, cosine wave

Displacement Measurement


Maximum Travel


Left and right space


Clamp Configuration

One pair of compression and tension clamps

Number of fatigue tests

Arbitrarily set

Test Sample


Machine weight

About 320kg

Machine size

1000mm wide, 540mm deep, 2300mm high

Power Supply

220V, 50Hz (or 110V, 60Hz)

Load measurement accuracy

±0.5% of the indicated value meets or exceeds the following international standards:

ASTM E-4, BS 1610, DIN 51221, ISO 7500/1, EN10002-2, JIS B7721, JIS B7733, etc.

Speed accuracy

±0.1% of set speed

Environmental requirements

Operating environment: +10~30℃ Storage environment: -40~70℃ Humidity: 10%~90%RH.

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