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quality measuring machine series for measuring

quality measuring machine series for measuring
  • quality measuring machine series for measuring
  • quality measuring machine series for measuring

quality measuring machine series for measuring

Sinowon measuring equipment is professionally designed. Its circuit design, printed circuit design, and housing design are all well conducted by our designers at the initial stage. It achieves the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height
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Micromea10128  serials CMM combines single-point probing and analog scanning in a single high performance measuring machine also can equipped with contact and non-contact probe system. Based on the new generation of controller combines and optimizes temperature and accuracy compensation systems and advanced algorithms to support high-speed, high-accuracy analog open and closed loop scanning.

Product Characteristics

 Granite fixed worktable, XZ axes are made of high performance aluminium alloy, Good temperature adaptability and faster movement speed.

 Granite worktable with integral “dovetail” guide in Y axis, eliminate the pitch and yaw ,also provides superior motion stability.

 Z axis air-balance with self-protection ,improve motion capability.

 Advanced synchronous belt drive system with non-slip and high stiffness, ensures high stability, lower noise. 

 High precise, rigid, and pre-loaded air bearings on all axes, can ensure the guidance never be damped.

 Transmission system uses high-power  DC servo motor and new double level tape reducer to ensure rapid and accurate axes.

 RENISHAW tonic steel scale,Free expansion with the temperature change.

 Famous parts from all over the world are used in every important sub systems.

Performance Specifications

Measuring Strokes(mm)

Overall Dimension(mm)

Machine   Weight(Kg)

Max. Part Weight
















Accuracy is according to ISO 10360 – 2

Maximum permissible error of indication of a CMM for size   measurement (μm)

Maximum permissible Probing Error (mm)

1.5 + 3L/1000


Scale   Resolution(μm): 0.1

Dynamic Performance

3D   positioning speed(mm/s)

3D acceleration(mm/s2)



Environment Specifications

Room Required Specifications

Room Temperature


Temperature Gradient (in time)

1°C /h

Temperature Gradient (in time)

2°C /24h

Temperature Gradient (in the volume)

1°C /m

Humidity   Required Specifications

Relative   humidity


Air   Supply System Required Specifications

Min.   air pressure

5bar [0.5 MPa]

Air   consumption


Electrical   requirements


220 V ± 10%


50/60 Hz

Max Power consumption



15 A

Allowed Maximum   Floor Vibration

Frequency Range

0 ~ 19 Hz      19~75 Hz > 75 Hz  

Maximum Amplitude

0.0011 mm     0.0011~0.002 mm   0.002   mm

A good   earth ground (less than 4 W)   is required for reliable operation of the electrical controls.

During the production, Sinowon measuring equipment is required to pass the quality tests. It has to be tested under the designated testing equipment which is specially used in pool accessories testing. It can be stacked on each other to achieve easy storage
The electric performance test of Sinowon measuring equipment is conducted at the quality inspection stage. The main electrical performance index such as capacity, internal resistance, lifespan, and short circuit protection will be tested by the QC team. It is widely used in the logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries
The quality of Sinowon measuring equipment is assessed with a series of physical and mechanical tests. These tests include abrasion or piling performance, dimensional stability, weather testing, thermal and water vapor resistance, etc. There is no scratch in its coating which would generate vulnerabilities
Sinowon measuring machine is manufactured with high-performance materials. Due to the applications where the product is used, only those materials with desirable combinations of mechanical characteristics are selected. Its finely crafted hinges ensure a secure and durable connection
Sinowon measuring equipment is required to pass the international electrical safety test. It will be sent to the third-party testing organization for testing in terms of electrical load capacity, the safety of power source, as well as the whole electrical integrated system. Its visual appearance won't deteriorate over time or end up looking old
The product is quality-assured as a strict quality control system is carried in our company. It promotes a better control of inventory
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