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Sinowon measuring machine from China for measuring

Sinowon measuring machine from China for measuring

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Want to know more product information? We will provide you with detailed pictures and detailed content of hardness testing machines in the following section for your reference.Sinowon's hardness testing machines is manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production. Strict cost control promotes the production of high-quality and priced-low product. Such a product is up to customers' needs for a highly cost-effective product.
Application Scope
Sinowon's vision measuring machine is widely used in the Manufacturing Measurement & Analysis Instruments Electronic Measuring Instruments industry and is widely recognized by customers.Sinowon insists on providing customers with one-stop and complete solution from the customer's perspective.
Company Advantages
1. The shaping processes of Sinowon multisensor measuring machine manufacturer adopts four general production techniques including extrusion, calendering, coating or molding, and casting.
2. measuring machine can effectively multisensor measuring machine manufacturer and increasing the operating quality.
3. measuring machine exhibits multisensor measuring machine manufacturer for measuring equipment .
4. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited.'s production capacity can meet the market's ravenous demand for measuring machine.

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Micromea433 is a Multisensor Measuring Machine, it is designed for high accuracy and large dimension measurement. It has high precision measurement accuracy and stability. It is widely used in electronic industry, medical devices, LCD, aerospace and other industries measurement.

Product Characteristics

 Four-axis CNC fully auto loop control, auto measurement;

 Marble base and pillar, stable and reliable;

 Imported open type linear scale, resolution is 0.1um, high accuracy, great stability;

 Imported P-grade linear guide, precision grinding ball screw and AC servo motor, ensure accuracy stability of system position;

 Imported high definition color industry camera, ensure clear observation and stable measurement requirement;

 6.5X continue auto zoom lens, precision auto zoom, only need to make pixel calibration once time;

 Programmable 5-ring 8-division LED surface illumination, contour parallel LED illumination, can realize 256 grade brightness adjustment intelligently;

 With proprietary fully auto measuring software Rational vue, powerful function, simple operation;

 Optional touch probe and laser probe, it can also be customized according to customer request.

Technical Specification

Product Name

Multisensor Measuring Machine





X/Y-axis Travel


Z-axis Travel


X/Y/Z 3-axis

 Linear Scale


Guidance Mode

High-precision   Double-Track Linear Guide

Operation   Mode

Joystick   controller, Mouse operation, automatic detection program

Probe System

TP20 and MCR20   Probe change system

Measurement   Accuracy*





Video System**

1/2" Color CCD Camera

6.5X Automatic Zoom Lens;

Optical Magnification: 0.7X~4.5X,    

 Video Magnification:   20X~129X(21.5”monitor)

Field of View


Diagonal   *


Lens   Magnification
















LED Parallel Contour Illumination


5-ring 8-division 0~255 grade continue adjustable

Software   System

RationalVue MS

Load Capacity


Working   Environment

Temperature 20±2Humidity Range<2/hr, Humidity 30~80%,Vibration<0.002g,<15Hz





Packing   Dimension




Company Features
1. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. is a supplier who supplies elaborate measuring machine.
2. Our company has attracted a large pool of senior technical elites. They have years of abundant practical experience in manufacture expertise, which makes them respond to any problems quickly and flexibly.
3. Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. produces multisensor measuring machine that centered on customer’s demand. Contact us! The enterprise culture that Sinowon sticks to is the drive to motivate staff to work harder. Contact us!
Contact information
Product Description

Human body elements analysis equipment, applies the accurate measurement of AVR micro computer controller, bases on new statistics method DXA, analysis human elements: fat weight BMI(body mass index), non-fat and other health indicators through multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis melthod(MFBIA). give instruction on guests' health. and provide a scientific basis for losing weight effectively. Which is considered as an epoch-making results of the health industry. If is health consultants, and it provide an independent analysis of health data for each test. Applicable to major fitness, body centers, medical centers, senior clubs, supporting projects of losing weight.  


  • Grasp the slimming effect to make the slimming treatment, providing the scientific basis. 
  • The reasonable ease and weight control help maintain the best physical strength Distingush between muscle type overweight and obesity, find the best control weight method.
  • Direct energy intake and dietary intake of nutrients in proportion.
  • Guiding take nutrition recovery measures to promote the hard synthesis muscles.
  • Evaluation the rehabilitation treatment effect, guiding scientific body slimming with scientific training, rehabilitation, and nutrition.
  • Understand and detection teenagers the status of the physical and health, developing their the feasible exercise program.
  • Understand the environment, nutrition and other factors on body composition effects.
  • Know about the difference of similar others group ingredients.
  • As reduce cardiovascular, diabetes and some cancers and other chronic disease incidence of the important preventive measures. 


1. Precise: The most advanced CE Cleared multi-frequency(25HZ, 50HZ, 100HZ) bioelectrical impedance  body composition analyzer;
2. Expert: Totally 26 values of body composition analysis with height measurement;
3. Quick: Provides highly accurate whole body in under 20 seconds;
4. Two Printers: Inbuilt micro thermal printer and HP Color printer included at no charge. The thermal printer works speedily and conveniently and offers optional A4 size color printout;
5. Save and Output: SD card can transfer the test data to computer, and with the first letter of the customer' s name will find the test data easily.

ical Parameters

Test Method

Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA)

Test Part

bioelectrical impedance analysis on the part of left upper limb, right upper limb, trunk, left lower extremity, right lower extremity

Test Frequency

Three differenct frequency(20KHZ, 50KHZ, 100KHZ)

Electrode Method

8 point contact eletrode

Computing method of body components

Do not estimate through empirical value

Output Value(25)

TBW, protein, mineral salt, Body fat, bone weight, Weight,IBW, fat-free weight, SMM(Skeletal muscle), BMI(Body mass index), PDF(percentage of body fat), WHP(waist-hip ratio),moisture ratio, Obesity diagnosis, nutritional assessment, Weight assessment, obesity assessment, Goal weight,Weight control,Fat control, Muscle control, Health assessment, basic metabolism, bioelectrical impedance.

Rated current

less than 180μA


Input power: AC100~240V, 50/60HZ


320*240 STN LCD Touching Screen

Operation Language

English and Multiple Language Option

Values Storage

50000×10 and SD Card unlimited expansion is available

External Storage

SD Card tranfer to computer for large storage

External Interfaces

RJ-45, USB2

Printer Interfaces


IC Card System

standard IC card control


A4 color paper ink-jet printer(manufacturers appoint the model), internally installed thermal printer

MEAS. Of Package

49CM*50CM*118CM (woodern case), GW: 40KG; NW:32KG.

Test time

No more than 2 minutes

Operation Environment

Temperature: 10~400°C(50~1040°F),humidity: 30~80%RH, 500~600hPa

Conservation Environment

Temperature: 0~400°C(32~1040°F),humidity: 30~80%RH, 500~600hPa

Test scope of weight

10~200Kg; Test scope of age: 10~99 ages; Test scope of height: 90~200cm

External expansion project

Ultrasonic Height Measurer(selective purchasing)

The production of Sinowon measuring machine is in compliance with the accepted international standards. It offers the ability to switch color temperature on demand
During the R&D period, Sinowon measuring equipment is put emphasis on technical innovation. Its finishes come in chrome, satin nickel, rose gold, rusty, cement, gold leaf, etc
measuring equipment is made with unique arts technology. It features exceptional color accuracy with an 80+ CRI
The production of Sinowon measuring equipment adopts internationally recognized standards. Its light output remains consistent over time and decreases only at the end of the rated life
Sinowon measuring machine is manufactured from upper material and technique. No radiation is produced using this product
Strict quality control: the product is of high quality, which is a result of strict quality control in the whole process. The responsive QC team takes full charge of its quality. The shade design well protects the bulb and maximizes its light
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