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ST-1100-200 Universal Testing Machine

ST-1100-200 Universal Testing Machine

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The ST-1100-200 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine designed specifically for higher education institutions and research institutes. The computer system uses a fully digital controller and a speed control system to control the rotation of the servo motor. After being decelerated by the deceleration system, it drives the moving crossbeam to rise and fall through a precision ball screw pair, completing various mechanical performance tests such as tension, compression, bending, and shearing of the sample. In addition, it is equipped with a variety of testing attachments, which have a very broad application prospect in mechanical performance tests of metals, non-metals, composite materials, and products. This machine is widely used for material inspection and analysis in industries such as construction materials, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, textiles, home appliances, etc. It is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commercial inspection and arbitration, and other departments.




Maximum test force


Measurement range of experimental force

0.4% -100%

Accuracy of test force indication

Better than ± 1% of the indication value

Test resolution

1/300000 (without dividing the entire process or equivalent to 6 levels)

Beam displacement measurement accuracy

Resolution higher than 0.0025mm

Deformation measurement accuracy

± 0.5% (within the range of 0.2-10mm)

Test speed range

0.01-500mm/min, stepless speed regulation

Speed control accuracy

± 1% (0.01~10mm/min); ± 0.5% (10-500mm/min)

Control range of constant force, constant deformation, and constant displacement

0.2% -100% FS

Control accuracy of constant force, constant deformation, and constant displacement

When the set value is less than 10% FS, within ± 1.0% of the set value

When the set value is ≥ 10% FS, within ± 0.1% of the set value

Deformation rate control accuracy

within ± 2.0% of the set value when the rate is less than 0.05% FS Within ± 0.5% of the set value when the speed is ≥ 0.05% FS

Test Space

A. Tensile space: 600mm

B. Compression space: 700mm

Fixture Form

Wedge clamp specific flat jaws 0-20mm round jaws Ø 9-Ø 26mm

Pressure plate size

φ 100 mm

Bending test support roll spacing

300 mm

Roll Width


Support point diameter

φ 30mm

Power supply for the entire machine

Rhree-phase, 380V ± 10%, 50Hz, power: 3kW

Working environment

Room temperature -35 ℃, relative humidity not exceeding 80%

Host Size

Approximately 1130 x 650 x 2650mm


Approximately 1800 kg

The professional testing software complies with more than 30 national standards such as GB228-87 and GB228-2002, and can conduct tests and data processing according to various standards provided by users such as GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, and has good scalability.


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