demystifying the dental ultrasonic scaler

by:Sinowon     2020-03-08
Technology plays an important role in the dental field, and the number of new products launched in the market is very obvious recently.
The incentive for the industry is to improve periodontal treatment and make patients more comfortable in dental surgery.
Dental ultrasound scalpers, for example-
These have become very common fixtures in today\'s periodontal hygiene.
The dentist uses this dental cleaner to remove plaque and stones from the surface of the tooth.
Although a recent study shows that the results of ultrasonic tooth cleaning machines are very similar to those of manual devices, they are welcomed by most professionals because of their ease of use.
In addition, this dental cleaner is highly efficient and has a wide range of designs that allow access to different anatomical areas.
The dental ultrasonic cleaning machine is characterized by the stick with the tip of the small clean tooth that produces soft ultrasonic vibration.
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45 KHZ, about 20,000-
Vibration 45,000 times per second.
These tiny but fast vibrations are then combined with the flow of water to ensure that the ultrasonic cleansing machine is completely effective in removing stones;
It is an established fact that the use of ultrasonic tooth cleaning machines has greatly improved the periodontal hygiene.
Even if this dental cleaner has been in the market for a long time, improvements to this device in recent years have made its use still very popular.
Dental ultrasound scalpers are popular among most professionals, one of the reasons is that they reduce hand and wrist fatigue during dental surgery.
When using this type of dental cleaner, professionals only need to guide the tip of the dental cleaner along the surface of the tooth.
When the patient has a large deposit, this reduces the treatment time and the treatment time.
In addition, since the hands and wrists of professionals are not so tired, the possibility of injury is reduced.
In fact, the use of ultrasonic scalpers can cause less trauma to the tissues, as they lack the sharp cutting edges that manual scalpers have.
This is also good for patients as dental surgery is more tolerable.
More importantly, since Dental Ultrasonic scalpers do a very good job of removing tartar and dental plaque, there is no need to polish teeth with pumice anymore
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With the rapid development of technology, dental experts must always pay attention to new equipment, which helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dental surgery.
Dental ultrasound scalpers provide an example of how the technology has changed dental surgery better.
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